fredag den 28. august 2009

Rocking tights!!

I know it's a little stupid to be longing for fall already, but I cannot wait to wear tights again, and now I've found yet another reason to be impatient:
I've recently come across the bold tight designs of Celeste Stein and I'm smitten with them now! The tights are so colourful and vibrant not to mention funny! I've selected my favorites here, but take a look for yourself - there's something for every taste in the online catalog (where I also found the pictures below).

tirsdag den 18. august 2009

Black and...

Eventhough the fashion-gurus Trinny and Susannah (I looove "What not to Wear") say it's a fashion no no to wear black with colour, I will be a rebel and do it any ways :-) Because I like the dramatic effect and the way black makes the other colour look stronger.

Pink and black has been a favorite mix of mine for many years. And the result is feminine and kitschy in my opinion...

Dress: By Malene Birger (bought on outlet)

Tights: H&M


Shoes: ?

Black and white (or monochromatic as the fashionwise say) is a classic, which I haven't worn too much as I find it a bit formal and boring. This depends on the pieces of clothing you wear of cause, and I do like this version:

Skirt: Monsoon
Cardigan and tights: H&M
Shoes: ?
My newest obsession is mixing black and blue. For some reason blue items keep sneaking their way into my closet, though I have keept an eye on it since I learned that people called me The Girl in Blue.

Blouse: Monsoon

Skirt: Day

Shoes: Miss L Fire at Asos

mandag den 17. august 2009

Outfit update

Here is a little "what I've worn lately" update.

First up is a dress I wore for one of my dearest girlfriend's graduation party. I had been putting up tapestry (same golden one as in the background) all day and left a little too late for the party, but luckly I had my outfit planned weeks in advance :-)
I love the full skirt (which I cannot stop twirling in) and the silver embroidery.

Dress: Day

Belt: H&M

Shoes: ? (bought in Macy's NY)

Hairband: Muggie Moscow

Next up is a beautiful vintage dress I found in a shop called Pigen&Pigen, that sadly closed for good the next day - but that also meant that they had a nice closing sale :-)

I especially love the front with the overlapping cut.

Dress: vintage, no label

Bag: Accessorize

Shoes: ?

Last but not least is a look I'm yet to try out in public. Well I've worn the skirt and cardigan many times before, but never with the giant bow. I'm all about bows at the moment, so I have to try it out soon...

Skirt: Monsoon
Cardigan: Monsoon
Belt and bow: thrifted
Shoes: too old to remember...

torsdag den 13. august 2009

Oooooh I like

Not to complain about the Danish summer weather, it's lovely and sunny right now, but I'm still looking foreward to autumn and colders days.
Not so much because of the temperature, but just because I want to be able to wear tights and cardigans again. Especially after I saw the new collection from Kate Spade:

Pictures were found here

I love way they combine colours and patterns and I cannot wait to try the look out for my self :-)

Dreams of the 40s

I've written about the Fisk shop, where I go to hang out with some great girls and sew and redesign second hand clothes. Well, some time ago the shop got a whole load of vintage stuff from an decreased, old woman - who in my imagination was the most excentric and vivacious upperclass lady, as her belongings tell a story of that sort.
We got a lot of beautiful undergarments (suspenders and negliges) and - the reason why I'm writing this post - some beautiful pattern magazines from the 30s and 40s. The illustrations are pieces of art in my opinion and I would love to hang them on my wall, but I could never bring my self to cut them out, so instead I took some pictures: