onsdag den 20. januar 2010

Random Etsy Cuteness

Just wanted to share some wednesday-cuties with you.

Take a look at the cutest Mary Janes ever at emandsprout on Etsy:

Click on picture to go to emandsprout

I like the kitty cat ones, but the chihuahua ones are really really nice as well.

And now that we are in the animal kingdom of cuteness, let's take a look at this polar bear playsuit from imyourpresent (also on Etsy):

Click on the picture for more

These girls are really giving me a run for my money trying to figure out what will set me apart in the crafty world of Etsy once I get my shop up and running...

søndag den 17. januar 2010

Me Tartan ... you Jane

So... a week of wearing tartan... it was actually more fun than it sounds :-)

To me it was an opportunity to wear loads of different colours as the tartan patterns often incorporate many colours one can play with.

Well, presenting A Week of Dressing Tartanly:


Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Dope


Cardigan: H&M

Skirt: thrifted

Shoes: Topshop

Brooch: found at a New York fleamarket


Cardigan: ByMarleneBirger
Skirt: Day
Shoes: Miss L Fire

Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Dope

Cardigan: Edith&Ella
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: Topshop

mandag den 11. januar 2010

Georges Barbier

I've been looking for something to put on my bedroom wall, and heureka! I've found a new darling!
I googled my way to Art.com (seems like the obvious choice now), where I found what I was searching for:

Georges Barbier (1882-1932) a French illustrator with strong links to fashion and a master with a paint brush. (Check out his biography and body of work on Artophile)
It was hard to choose between all the beautiful illustrations, but I have listed my favorites below. I have been looking for something a bit dark, with some blue accents, to match a blue bed spread I bought on sale in December.

I just might go for this for its quirkyness and because it is about Midnight:

I remember seing the next one in a Vouge magazine I bought abroad some time ago (maybe it was Vouge Italia... can't remember). I like it a lot for details and also because I have dreamt of painting a similar tree on my bedroom wall for some years.

But it is really hard to choose... Maybe I should talk my BF into putting two pictures up... We have a spare wall in the entrance. If you can help me choosee - please do!

lørdag den 9. januar 2010

Second Hand Saturday

I have found some really good stuff lately when visiting charity and second hand shops. Just take a look below :-)

I found this grey dress today - it is so Mad Men! And I don't think I have to tell you how much I dig the cotton balls around the neck. To top it off the shop had a sale on, so I got this piece for only 25 Dkkr/5$/3£!

This whole outfit (except shoes and tights) is thrifted:

And now to the misc. section:
Silk scarf with cosmetics, star fish brooch and a set of plates.
I fell in love with these two plates at first sight. The stamp says made in GDR - German Democratic Republic a.k.a. East Germany. That's history on a plate!

I don't think I will dare to eat of them. Instead I just might put them on my 'wall of kitsch' in the summer house. So far I have a small selection of wildlife-ish plates there, but you can never have to many...

Pink puzzle

My pink week is over and it is time for me to evaluate...

It has actually been more challenging to dress in pink everyday, than I thought it would be. Bright pink is difficult to dress down with other colours and if you don't, you end up looking Barbie-like - not a good look for the office :-)
Also I'm used to choosing my daily outfit according to my mindset in the morning, and not being able to freely choose a 'colour of the day' has been a bit strange.

Well, here are my outfits this week:

Shirt: Forever21

Cardigan: H&M

Skirt: Day

Tights: asos.com

Shoes: Topshop (Christmas present):



Cardigan: Ganni

Dress: Monsoon

Tights: Sneaky Fox

Shoes: Topshop

Belt: asos.com



Cardigan: Day

Dress: thrifted

Shoes: Topshop


All week:

Coat: Max & Co.

Boots: Bronx

Beret: Accessorize - customized

Gloves: Oasis

Scarf: gift

So that was my result. Hope you liked it. Next week my challenge will be to wear TARTAN Monday-Friday.

tirsdag den 5. januar 2010

Think pink - Tuesday

Bloggers log: Day two of dressing pink.
I've found that pink is actually a difficult colour to match with other colours besides black, if you want to tone it down a bit.
I'll try to be creative, but at the moment I'm searching my brain and my closet for solutions. Can you feel the suspense? :-)

Cardigan: Day
Top: Monsoon
Skirt: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Blink

mandag den 4. januar 2010

Pink Positive - Monday

This week my challenge to my self is to wear pink every day. I'm not going for a full pink outfit though, but a splash of pink here and there.

I started out with one of my favorite skirts in the brightest pink with big red sequins:

Skirt: Day

Shoes and belt: thrifted

Cardigan: Monsoon

Thrifting Treasures

I love treasure hunting in charity and thrift shops - that's no secret. Lately I've found some really nice things in my humble opinion. just goes to show that one woman's rubbish is another woman's treasure.
First up is a vintage baby blue feather hat from a Copenhagen hat maker (I guess from the 40s - correct me if I wrong). I really like the idea of wearing hats, but sadly they just do not work with a bicycle helmet and a ponytail... Those two thing even rarely work together.

The hat is a little small for my head, but I'm gonna keep it just for the stories it is whispering to me. Besides it is pretty-ugly just the way I like it, and thus it will be found on display in my closet.

Next up a pair of red Ferrucci stilettos (found for only 40 Dkkr/8$/4,5£!). I love the punch-outs holes and the quirky "bow" detail:

I will show my other finds another day... oh how I love to show and tell :-)

søndag den 3. januar 2010

New year, new resolutions (oh no!)

A happy New Year to you all! Hope you had fun far into 2010 and that Christmas was a time of heartwarming moments for you as well.

I've been such a busy busy bee at my new work all December, but now it sure is about time to visit my old neglected friend (this blog).

I've decided to set up some resolutions and smaller projects for the new year. I actually hate resolutions, as I can never keep them and end up with a guilty conscience... but hey! Sugar and sweets never hurt anyone - did they?
Well, this year I'm only making promises I know I can keep, so the illusions of my will of steel are not hurt. And the list is as follows:

  • I'll give myself and my closet an assignment each week and show you guys the result. This first week of January is going to be the week of PINK! And I'm already looking foreward to starting the year in the colour of youth.
  • I really want to set up an etsy shop with vintage clothing and bits and bobs, and at the moment I'm looking into the rules and such. I have already started working on filling my stock room (well, cramming more into my overflowing closet that is) and I look foreward to buying even more beautiful items without looking at size and fit for myself, but in the hopes that someone out there can use it. (I'll keep you posted)
  • I'll document the projects made in Fisk on this blog, showing you guys what we make out of second hand clothes.

BTW my old autumn resolution (the one about not buying any clothes the rest of the year), weeell it did not stick... big surprise...

As I got the new job, I found my attire had to match my newfound professionalism and life in an office, and thus I "needed" some pencil skirts... (bought from charity shops though, to ease my conscience)

See you soon!