onsdag den 29. juli 2009

Copying Chuckies

I've had some time on my hands lately, and thus this copycat post on Chuck from Pushing Daisies is already done.
I love the brightcoloured universe in the series and Chuck's wardrobe stands out in my opinion. Her style is very vintage inspired and many decades are covered during the first and second season going from the 40s to the 70s. I particularly like the full skirts and cardigans in her 50s outfits and I've tried to match them below (Took pictures of my tv, as I could not find good pictures of the dresses online).
First is a red and white dress from the very first episode:

I've had this dress for years and years. It was a bestseller when I worked in the Monsoon shop and at first I missed out on it, but luckily a lady returned one in my size:-) I've had it on on every holiday.

The second Chuck outfit is one of my most favorite ones (I'm a sucker for cardigans and the pink colour palette):

I just had to make two copy outfits for this one.

The lightpink one is a dress I bought in Shanghai on sale in a department store (cheap), the shoes are from a fleamarket I went to last weekend.

The hot pink outfit is a very old silk dress bought in HM 12 years ago I guess and an embellished cardigan from Day (one of my favorite Danish brands) bought in a commision shop some years ago. The belt is thrifted and the shoes are a souvenir from the Seychelles (or as I call it: Paradise on Earth).

Third and last in this round:

I love the green dress Chuck has on here, and though my copycat dress is not in the same style, the idea of the bottle green colour and the full skirt is somewhat the same. This is another Monsoon dress from my happy days in the shop, the belt is thrifted and the gold shoes are from a commision shop.

It has been fun trying to match Chucks outfits, and I now have a newfound fondness of my colourful wardrobe. If you come by my blog and want to comment on my attempt, feel free to do so...

Dutch diva

This picture was found here

I went to get the finishing touches on my tattoos yesterday, and while I waited for my appointment with The Bench Of Pain, I flipped through some tattoo books and magazines. One that caught my eye was about the Dutch (tattoo)artist Angelique Houtkamp, who makes the most beautiful paintings annd drawings of divas from yesteryears.
If I had the courage I'd get a tattoo with one of her designs (she even makes the designs on demand online, so that you do not have to go to Amsterdam to get one), but for now I'm happy with my small ones...


mandag den 27. juli 2009

Lost in TV

This spring I've discovered two "new" tv series, that have really caught my fancy.

One is Flight of the Conchords, which I really can recommend if you need an uncomplicated and a bit infantile laugh (I'll make a post on that another day).

And the other series is the colourful and wonderfully weird Pushing Daisies - to those of you who do not know the show, it is the whimsical story of the piemaker Ned, who can bring back the dead with a single touch, but if he touches them twice they will be dead again, forever. There is a catch though, if the dead is not touched again within a minute, another person will die instead.

Ned uses his powers to solve murders with the help of the victims. One day his childhood sweetheart Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles (played by the ever so cute Anna Friel) appears as his source in the morgue, and he chooses to touch her only once and keep her in his life. Cute story.

As a fan of both crimesolving detective stories and picturesque settings, I fell hard for this show, and Chuck's vintageinspired clothing were the icing on the cake for me:

found here


I think I'll make a copycat post on her in the near future.

It's so sad the show was cancelled after only two seasons, it really was innovative and fun. Thank God for DVDs :-)

Down the rabbit hole

Picture was found here, thanks

Just found out today that one of my favorite directors, Tim Burton, is in the process of making Alice in Wonderland a part of his dark universe, hooorraaayyy!!
I'm looking foreward to elaborate costumes and weirdness, not to mention seeing Johnny D and Helena Bonham Carter in action once again as respectively the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.
Watch the trailer here, and see for yourself, why I'm counting the days.

fredag den 17. juli 2009

Beads me...

I've shown my childish fondness of beads before on this blog and now I've taken it a step further...
My mom gave me and my sister, Laura, a bag of mini-mini-beads and a pegboard. The small beads require a lot of patience and well coordinated fingers, but I like the result a lot!

I've made small cosmopolitan drinks, pears and mushrooms and put them on earrings, quite cute if I may say so myself :)

torsdag den 16. juli 2009

Thrifting Tuesday

Finally I got around to go to a thrift shop near my home this tuesday. I've never been there before, and just my luck - they had a sale on! So I bought a little more than I maybe should have...

For around 10£/20$ I got a coat, two dresses, a skirt, two scarves and a handful of belts. That's my kind of shopping!

I've no idea why every picture I take ends up so blurry, I've tried every setting on the camera... Sorry!

mandag den 13. juli 2009

Long time no see...

Whooa! It's been a while. Guess it has been harder starting work than I anticipated. Well now I'm back and I promise more posts in the near future, starting from the one below.

I have some pictures from my holiday last week and it's my goal to go thrifting this week, so be prepared! :-)

FISK Re-design Fashionshow

This spring I've been teaming up with a bunch of creative and very sweet girls (you know who you are) once a week to re-design second hand clothes for a charity shop in Copenhagen called FISK (Fish in Danish). And all of our work resulted in a fashion show in May. It has been so much fun to be free to do whatever you wanted with the clothes, and here are my results (Thanks again to the models):

The lovely young lady posing here is my littlesister :-) Good job Vala!

I haven't made all of thesse clothes, but some of them are my "design" or re-design, that is...
The blue dotted top used to be a big square top and the jumpsuit was once a velvet dress. The nude sundress has a former life as a very matron-like dress, and I just fell in love with the small print of flowerpots on it.
(I cannot take credit for the capri pants, the vintage see-through jacket or the well crafted vest).

The blue dress is made out of a mens shirt and tie and the glitter vest was originally a very funky jacket, but someone had already removed the sleeves when I found it (the orange skirt is not my work).
I hope I can find time to meet up with the girls during the summer to get more fun clothes done. Once we're finished with the items, they go on sale in the shop to raise funds for various charity projects.