fredag den 19. juni 2009

Ooooh if I were a hat...

... then I would probably be from the Danish hairband/hat designer Muggie Moscow. She makes the funniest accessories, and I have been staring at them everyday at the showroom, where I work, and giggeling in my quiet mind.

I tried some of the styles on the other day and here is the result :-) I love the cartoonish look! You can tell how amused I am on the pictures, couldn't help smiling.
The blue blouse is my latest fix of polka dots bought on sale in Monsoon.
And thus the week of polka dotting ends with a bang!

onsdag den 17. juni 2009

To polka or not to polka...?

Okay, now I have officially declared this The First Week of Polka!

These two dresses are some favorites of mine (yes I do have a few...). The red one I bought in a thrift shop here in Copenhagen and the orange one is from a street market on New York's Lower West Side (The lady I bought it from said it was from a Oscar de la Renta sub-line, but as there is no tag in it, your guess is as good as mine).

Both dresses have polka dots on them, and for some reason that just triggers my attention. I have styles the orange dress with a clip-on bowtie I once found in a charity shop, that makes it even more Minnie Mouse-like.

I tried to upload a picture of the tights I wore with the red dress, but now I can see that the picture is very blurry... it's surposed to be hearts on the back of the tights. I bought them on sale on asos some time ago.

Fun fact: The first time I wore the red dress my sister said I looked like a secretary version of this Danish 70s cartoon caracter:

I found the picture here, thank you :-)

She is called Cirkeline and lives in a matchbox on an artist's desk.
I'll take the comment as a compliment :-) Most Danish girls loved Cirkeline growing up.

Keeping up appearances

We had a press conference on my work last friday presenting two new facial care products. It was my first experience being "hostess" of an event like this, and therefore I really wanted to make a good first impression :-)

I chose to wear a light blue vintage dress, which I found in a favorite shop of mine - Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, New York - I have only been there once, when I was visiting my sister in NY, but I cannot wait to come back someday.

I really felt like I pulled it off looking fresh and clean as if I use a lot of beauty products every day, until a lady with an ultrasound scanner told me that my skin was twice my age!! Shock!! I know I have fair skin and that it does not have much resistance towards stress and sun, but come on! (I just hope I do not look forty on the outside as well) :-)
Don't you just love it when the carpet is pulled away from you?

Oh yes, back to the dress... I really like the embroidery and the colors of the flowers and also the crisp look it has, oh, and the matching belt.


So I have been playing with this blog for a little more than a week now, and meanwhile I have been pondering as to why exactly I'm doing this...
Well, I started out deeply inspired by other fashion blogs like liebemarlene and clever nettle. These girls are so very stylish and they keep to the vintage style to a degree I myself cannot (I guess my style is a little too kitsch and cartoonish for that kind of consistency).

I realise, that I do not really have an audience out there in cyberspace as of yet, but I do also feel that I'm first and foremost doing this blog for my own amusement. I have found a greater appreciation for my wardrobe, and I use the blog as a kind of log over my life right now.

I have just started working in a PR agency dealing with various fashion brands, and therefore I have been "forced" to look somewhat stylish every single day. As I am too cheap and broke for going out buying the style in the shops, I'm trying to dive into my wast wardrobe (or my collection as I call it - I rarely throw anything away) and finding new ways of combining what I already have.

I am aware that this kind of blog will not save the world and can come across very self absorbed. For the record, I'm not doing this to promote myself or dictate style, I do not have any kind of authority to do that what so ever. When I started out it was as a reaction to the fact that most Danish fashion blogs, although they are very very stylish, they are also way more fashion forward and focused on the newest of the new than I'll ever be.
My ambition was to portray a more whimsical and colorful way of dressing with a love for fashion, but maybe not strictly speaking in fashion - you'll be the judges on whether or not I succeded...

søndag den 14. juni 2009

Ship ahoy!!

Saw a group on Flickr called "Sailor Chic", and that made me think of my recent obsession with the nautical theme. I have for some reason not been able to pass by t-shirts or dresses with anchor or ships on them without looking twice... Welll this is what I have in my closet so far (couldn't help stricking a 40s pose when in these outfits lol).
Think I'll wear these for my holiday on a small Danish island in the near future, hopefully with a lot of flea markets nearby.

I found this light blue dress with the two ships on in a charity shop, and just had to have it! It makes me dream of strolling down the riviera somewhere sunny...
The navy t-shirt is from Zara (I cut the neck a little larger myself) and the skirt is from a Danish design brand called Day Birger et Mikkelsen - bought it on their biannual outlet, that I will not miss for anything! Most of my favorite dresses are bought there, and thus have been really really cheap.
The offwhite skirt has the cutest row of buttons on the back, too bad I cannot see it myself when I'm wearing the skirt.

onsdag den 10. juni 2009

What I wore today...

After dressing up as a secretary for my first two days of work, I felt like wearing a dress today... (to be honest I simply couldn't be bothered to put together an entire outfit this morning).
I love this green dress It has saved me in many wardrobe meltdowns!

It reminds me of Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons, and as I am a sucker for both bows, Peter Pan collars and buttons, I had to have this, when I saw it in a charity shop outside of Copenhagen - and just my luck it was dead cheap! Hoorrraayy!

PS: I don't know why the pictures got so blurry... will try to find some better lighting...

Feeling crafty?

I started my new job monday, and have had a lot of input jammed into my little head, and hence blogging has not been the first thing on my mind... sorry...

To relax in the evenings I have been playing with beads and pegboards - just like being a child again! I do not know if you people out there (yes, I'm addressing you my imaginary readers!) know about these pegboards, but the principle is that you make a pattern you like on the board with the plastic beads and then you iron it to make the beards melt together.
Here is a selection of the produce from my evenings of fun:

I like melting it a lot to make the pieces more solid, and then I use them as brooches with pins glued on the back...

søndag den 7. juni 2009

Work work work

I’m starting a new job tomorrow in the Danish fashion industry, and I have been at my wits end trying to figure out what to wear. The other girls at the office are all dressed to the nines, so I have my work cut out for me…

I think I have it down now.
I’ll be starting out with a secretary look this week – pencil skirts and high heels – combined with small humoristic details. Later I will sneak in some a-line skirts, dresses and cardigans, which is kind of my uniform normally, but right now it’s all about first impressions and convincing myself, that I belong in an office.
Well, behold:
and some detail shots:
I love tights, and these jigsaw ones tickles my funny bone big time. The shoes are from Miss L Fire - they make some to die for retro shoes!
The shirt with the bib used to belong to my grandmother, who i suspect was more fashion forward in her days than i'll ever be.

Wedding bells are ringing

I went to a friend’s wedding in Munich a few weeks ago, which was the perfect excuse for buying a new dress... okay I bought two, but I got a small discount :-)

I had been dreaming of this pink dress since fall, but didn't have the money right then and there or an occasion that served it right. Luckily it was still hanging there six months later smiling at me, when I returned to the shop (I’m like a kid in a candy store, whenever I visit this vintage shop here in Copenhagen – it’s full of dresses grouped by decade - yummy!).

Pink is my favorite color and I have a thing for pleating, and this dress embodies both beautifully, yeah!

lørdag den 6. juni 2009

My first blog experience!!

So this is going to be the first post on my blog... It's a Chinese forties poster for insecticide, and I just love the colors! Plus the dead insects falling down while the two girls are posing and smiling away ignoring all kinds of harmful fumes sorrounding them.

Don't you just love it?