mandag den 28. september 2009

Luella che bella!!

I went over to Fifi Lapin's this morning to get the dose of bunny cuteness I missed out on while in Athens the last few days, and just WOW!
Apparently I missed out on the release of the pictures from Luella's S/S2010 collection as well (Okay, I got to see the Acropolis and various ruins and temples instead with my lovely boyfriend, but still...)

I've been in love with Luella for a long while now. I especially loved the Ghost World inspired Spring2008 collection, but the new stuff is darn cute as well!
I know, I'm won easily over by polka dots and bows, it's a weakness of mine. This collection, though, has both dots and bows paired with full skirts and heart shaped cut-outs. Not to mention the 60s silhouette and styling. Stop. Now. I'm overwhelmed!

See the whole collection and Luella's back catalogue at, where I snatched these pictures (Thank you!).
Though this is a spring collection I hope I can transform the style to my fall wardrobe with some tights and cardigans. Maybe I'll make a copycat post on it some day...

tirsdag den 22. september 2009

I'm a sponge, a designsponge!

I've been crazy decorating our newly bought holiday home, well in my thoughts and my dreams that is, since we do not really own the house yet.

A constant source of inspiration and sleepless nights has been the blog Design*Sponge, where they have a unique sense of style, which goes well with my fondness of kitsch and flea markets. I especially like the sneak peeks into creative homes and the 'before and after' section.

Some time ago they made a post on Berkley Illustrations and their animal portraits (the link is for their etsy shop, and where I found the pictures below), and I'm a fan now! I actually tried to make a drawing of my cat in clothes a few weeks ago, but the Berkley people make me feel kinda inadequate:

Viva Vivetta!

I've been scouting the internet lately, procrastinating like a pro and feeding my curiosity and I would like to share some of my finds with you now.

Some time ago I caught a glimpse of this Italian brand called Vivetta and I'm smitten with the cartoonish style, which reminds me of the pantomime and cuddly Japanese toys.

How cute are the coat with the cat pockets (it has a tail as well!) and the kitty cat dress? You can buy some of the styles online at, but sadly it's way out of my price range, but hey you can still dream out loud.

fredag den 18. september 2009


I've tried to put together some outfits with my new clothes from Forever21. This first post is an attempt to mix colours that I would not normally wear together. I actually like the results.

The above is my favorite! I like how the many colours in the top connect both the skirt and the cardigan (The tights are actually lilac, but for some reason they look black in the picture).
I think I'll wear this on Sunday, when my boyfriend and I are going to a Tori Amos concert in the Opra House here in Copenhagen.
The cat wanted in on the next picture :-)

Don't know if this yellow and purple outfit is really going to work, but I had to try. I like the Snowwhite-ish look of the top, maybe it deserves a more dramatic setting...
I'll make more posts soon, showing off more of my purchase, but be patient :-)


I've been waiting, like, forever... 21 ha ha :-) (Okay I'm sick with a cold today, so I'm allowed bad humour or at least excused)

Well finally my parcel from Forever21 came yesterday! I had actually lost hope a little when I saw, that it was sent from LA to Singapore two weeks ago - somehow that seemed like a detour.

It turned out it was all worth the wait. The quality of the garments is way better than expected and all but one fit like a glove.

Here is the loot:

I have intensions of making some outfit posts today, but as I look like sh** I might just wait a few days... (I tried to make some shots yesterday, but they were bad, just baaad).

Well, back to my chamomille tea...

torsdag den 17. september 2009

I think I'm in love

Just stumbled upon the cutest blog ever! The author Fifi Lapin is a bunny with a passion for fashion and the most eviable wardrobe I have ever seen.
Like me she loves Marc by Marc Jacobs and Luella:

And playing dress-up:

Fifi je t'aime! Please come and live with me!

All pictures found at - take a look, it will brighten up your day and make you giggle :-)

tirsdag den 8. september 2009

Promise I'll be good

I know I haven't been good at uploading wardrobe snap shots lately due to my holiday and general procrastination, but I'm waiting impatiently for a package with goodies from overseas (from Forever21) and I know I will make at lot of posts with the stuff.
I ordered a lot of shirts, blouses and hair bands (with bows on of cause), as they were all dead cheap and looked really good online (I'm a little curious to see the quality of the items, though, but hey "nothing ventured nothing gained").

So now I've promised myself not to buy more clothes for the rest of the year! shocking I know! The only exception will be a trip to my favorite biannual designer outlet in my home town. My mom and I usually have a really nice time standing in line (for hours) for the bargains and trying things on together when we finally get in the tent and again when we get home with the loot :-) And mostly she pays for my pile as well, as the good mother she is (hope you read this, mommy!).

Holiday Hausfrau ...sort of...

My boyfriend and I have just signed the deal on a holiday home, and I'm so looking foreward to putting my personal touch on it.

My dear boyfriend has given me the carte blanche to decorate it to my hearts desire (to a certain degree though) - he usually puts his foot down when I want to go (colour-/ fabric-/ nicknack-)crazy in our home, but the holiday home is my domain, my! mmmwwhhahaha!

We get the keys mid-october, so I have plenty of time for researching and planning :-) The current owner will leave most furniture, and with a lick of paint they will be updated and preeeetty cool if you ask my imagination.

I've visited some blogs and sites dedicated to the subject of decor and interior and I have a pretty good idea of what to do with the place already.

I would be more than pleased if the result was something a long the lines of these two homes:

found here

found here

Or maybe we should drop the house and get a caravan instead - the pictures from Swedish decormaison below are sooo darling and make me wanna travel the countryside in style:

More to be found here

mandag den 7. september 2009

I'm baa-aack

Back from a week of sun and fun in Turkey with my boyfriend and the in-laws, that is.
After 40 degrees, loads of ice cream and a red back, Denmark seems cold, wet and autumny - and I couldn't be more excited!

Finally I'll be able to wear layers, tights and my beloved cardigans! I just hope the result will be something like Tulle's fall catalogue (take a look at the link - my computer skills let me down this time). I stumbled across the brand while pseudo-shopping on Modcloth (just looking and dreaming - not buying, promise), and I fell hard for the girl-meets-secretary-meets-geek look.