mandag den 27. juli 2009

Lost in TV

This spring I've discovered two "new" tv series, that have really caught my fancy.

One is Flight of the Conchords, which I really can recommend if you need an uncomplicated and a bit infantile laugh (I'll make a post on that another day).

And the other series is the colourful and wonderfully weird Pushing Daisies - to those of you who do not know the show, it is the whimsical story of the piemaker Ned, who can bring back the dead with a single touch, but if he touches them twice they will be dead again, forever. There is a catch though, if the dead is not touched again within a minute, another person will die instead.

Ned uses his powers to solve murders with the help of the victims. One day his childhood sweetheart Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles (played by the ever so cute Anna Friel) appears as his source in the morgue, and he chooses to touch her only once and keep her in his life. Cute story.

As a fan of both crimesolving detective stories and picturesque settings, I fell hard for this show, and Chuck's vintageinspired clothing were the icing on the cake for me:

found here


I think I'll make a copycat post on her in the near future.

It's so sad the show was cancelled after only two seasons, it really was innovative and fun. Thank God for DVDs :-)

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