mandag den 13. juli 2009

FISK Re-design Fashionshow

This spring I've been teaming up with a bunch of creative and very sweet girls (you know who you are) once a week to re-design second hand clothes for a charity shop in Copenhagen called FISK (Fish in Danish). And all of our work resulted in a fashion show in May. It has been so much fun to be free to do whatever you wanted with the clothes, and here are my results (Thanks again to the models):

The lovely young lady posing here is my littlesister :-) Good job Vala!

I haven't made all of thesse clothes, but some of them are my "design" or re-design, that is...
The blue dotted top used to be a big square top and the jumpsuit was once a velvet dress. The nude sundress has a former life as a very matron-like dress, and I just fell in love with the small print of flowerpots on it.
(I cannot take credit for the capri pants, the vintage see-through jacket or the well crafted vest).

The blue dress is made out of a mens shirt and tie and the glitter vest was originally a very funky jacket, but someone had already removed the sleeves when I found it (the orange skirt is not my work).
I hope I can find time to meet up with the girls during the summer to get more fun clothes done. Once we're finished with the items, they go on sale in the shop to raise funds for various charity projects.

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