tirsdag den 6. oktober 2009

5 days of summer

I had written most of this post earlier today, but blogger didn't want to work with me and deleted everything (not blogger's fault - my computer is acting up). For. Crying. Out. Loud.
So now I'll try to remember what I had written, and hope I'll get to the end this time...
I went to Athens with my boyfriend two weeks ago, and it was a pleasant surprise! We had been warned that the city would be polluted and lacking charm, so our expectations were modest.
We do not at all share the pessimistic views! If you dare to explore the city it will show you its gems.
We stayed in Monastiraki (below), an area full of archeology and market stalls and street art on every corner. BTW I am a redhead now, so it IS me in the pics :-)

No matter where you are in Athens you can see the Acropolis towering over the city as a reminder of the history buried underneath the pavement and unearthed around you.

Blouse and shoes: Asos.com
Skirt: thrifted

On our way down from the Acropolis we found the cutest little "village" on the hillside. All the houses were painted white with blue windows and doors, and there were cats, cats and more cats everywhere - my kind of place! It reminded us a lot of the beautiful island Santorini, which we visited many years ago during a holiday on Crete.

One day we hiked up the hill of Pnyx where democracy was born and the muses danced. I love the name Pnyx - it sounds like a sneeze :-) Pnyx, Pnyx, Pnyx!

Top: Asos.com

Skirt: Day

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

We visited every temple and ruin in town, and the weather was lovely (most of the time) so we enjoyed everything a lot.

What you cannot see on the picture below is that right behind me where a couple of turtles getting it on in the animal planet kind of way... if you get my drift... right in the Keramikos.

Shirt: Asos.com

Skirt: Day

The few rainy days were spend in the museums: the new and dead cheap Acropolis Museum and the National Museum of Archeology (where the picture below is from).

And yes, I am that lame...

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