mandag den 28. september 2009

Luella che bella!!

I went over to Fifi Lapin's this morning to get the dose of bunny cuteness I missed out on while in Athens the last few days, and just WOW!
Apparently I missed out on the release of the pictures from Luella's S/S2010 collection as well (Okay, I got to see the Acropolis and various ruins and temples instead with my lovely boyfriend, but still...)

I've been in love with Luella for a long while now. I especially loved the Ghost World inspired Spring2008 collection, but the new stuff is darn cute as well!
I know, I'm won easily over by polka dots and bows, it's a weakness of mine. This collection, though, has both dots and bows paired with full skirts and heart shaped cut-outs. Not to mention the 60s silhouette and styling. Stop. Now. I'm overwhelmed!

See the whole collection and Luella's back catalogue at, where I snatched these pictures (Thank you!).
Though this is a spring collection I hope I can transform the style to my fall wardrobe with some tights and cardigans. Maybe I'll make a copycat post on it some day...

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