onsdag den 14. oktober 2009

A cup of light please

While waiting for the holiday home to be mine (well ours... I know, I know) I've been looking for inspiration on various design and decor blogs. There are hits and misses, but one of my new faves is decor8 where beautiful pictures go hand in hand with tips for online shopping, mostly vintage oriented.

I really like it when you see something and think "I could make that myself and it would still look great" (knowing deep down that I would never really get around to make it myself). Well, while looking through the decor8 back catalogue, I stumbled upon these surprising and beautiful tea cup lamps from domestic construction and yes I would certaintly love a cuppa :-)

All pictures found here

Just imagine these above a table full of cupcakes and good friends...
Maybe you could even use an old tea or coffee pot and make one bigger lamp (?). I only wonder how to make holes in the buttom. The rest should be easy breezy.

Well... if I ever get around to make some, you will hear about it here :-)

BTW!!! We get the keys for the holiday house tomorrow morning! And the redecoration begins!!! I promise I will post some before and after pictures when I have something to show.

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