mandag den 9. november 2009

So we meet again

Hi guys! Wow has it really been that long? Bad blogger, baaad! (Insert slap over my hands here).
Well, I've actually been really busy in my spare time lately (and loving it!) doing some sewing for a charity fashion show next week.
It is the shop/café, called Fisk, where I'm a volunteer, that is behind the event and we are about 7 seven teams competing for the honour of winning. It is all about redesigning second hand clothes in collaboration with a mentoring designer.

My Belgian teammate, Lotte, and I have been really lucky. We got a Danish-Faroeic designer called Barbara I Gongini as our mentor and she is really sweet and full of great ideas for twisting our designs in a new direction. Her style is very sculptural and avantgarde, but she luckily knows how to transfer that into our more wearable approach to clothes. It has been interesting, and I cannot wait to see what the others teams have made. And, man, I hope we win! (just for the fun of winning as there is no real prize on stake).

I will post some pictures from the show next week, but for now it is a deep dark secret what we are working on :-)

So for those of you who will be in Copenhagen Thursday the 19th, the show is at Karrierebar from 18.00-24.00. (Tickets can be bought in Fisk).

See you sooner than you'd think!

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