tirsdag den 10. november 2009

I'm an easy target...

... when it comes to all things cute, kitsch, artsy and somewhat Asian/Japanese, so when I saw the online shop Shana Logic I was sold on the spot!

I sometimes wonder why I love and cherish these childish things so much... maybe it is about time I grow up and get serious, start reading the news paper. But then again. As long as I can still function in the adult world, I will just consider it as part of my charm...

(BTW, I know I wasn't supposed to be back posting so soon, but I've been babysitting all day due to a strike in the Copenhagen kindergartens, and now I just need some me-me-me-time).

For now I'm just pseudoshopping - picking things I like and posting them, but you never know... some day in the distant future, when I win the lottery, I just might fill my virtual shopping cart...

Well I've piled up my favorites below:

Pinup bath towels for the holiday home. I already have a (rather kitschy, borderline ugly) tin can for tea and one for coffee with pinups on, plus a pillow my mom gave me. They give the summer house a nice retro feel. I love the bright colours and the very sensual yet innocent look.

Beautiful, beautiful prints. I am smitten with birds at the moment, I have no clue why. Bird brain? Bird flu? oh no!

The cutest scarves ever!! They won't keep me warm during the winter, though, except for my childish and cupcake craving heart :-)

Damnation! These pillows are cute as well! I loooove pandas! I got to see some bamboo eating ones in a Chinese zoo a few years back, and I almost climbed the fence. Big monochromatic teddybears, that could kill you with a single hug.

And the other pillow? Well, it is darling and I could use it as an excuse to tell you that I am now a red head :-) (I have actually been for a while, but I updated the colour yesterday and now it is bright and shiny).

Speaking of pandas: This hat is the best! Pandaliscious!

Random cuteness below. I am not wearing a lot of jewellery at the moment, but these tasty and cute pieces could change that.

I share a fondness of Japanese style cartoons with my sister Laura, and I've posted the rice ball in her honour. She has made the cutes cartoon cinnanmon rolls in minibeads (does that sentence make any sense at all?). Well, to you Laura! Cheers!

Wow! I know. This was one of my more hyper posts. But hey. It's late at night, I've been around kids all day (being the adult), and excessive cuteness makes me giggly and light headed. So. Be. It.

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