fredag den 20. november 2009

My lucky day :-)

Yesterday was the best day this year so far!

I've been jobhunting since January, and I was about to reach my breaking point with boredom and the uncertaincy of my future.
Well, Monday I got a call from a place I had sent an application. I had to call back Tuesday as I was about to enter the cinema. Tuesday we had a small talk by phone, and I was asked to come for an interview Wednesday. The interview went really well, and I got a call the same day for a second interview Thursday. This was more a short recap of the interview the day before, and it was soon revealed, that I got the position!! Hooorayyy!
I start my new life as a hardworking Marketing Coordinator Monday, wish me luck! :-)

My luck had not run out with the job offer. Thursday evening the Fisk Redesign Competition took place and my team won!!
It was all in the name of recycling and charity, and in my team we had chosen to use men's wear for all three outfits.
We had a dress made out of a suit, a coat made of two jackets and a tie dress go down the runway. My sister, Vala, is working the suit-dress.
And what a success! The celebrity / fashion-wise judges had some really nice comments and the crowd cheered us on (led by my mom, my sister Laura, my BF and my friends Nana and Laura - thank you all!!)

Our minicollection is listed below. Behold! :-)

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