mandag den 9. november 2009

Until next time

See, I told you I'd be back soon, but as I cannot promise that I'll be posting before late next week, as I'm a busy bee sewing (and jobsearching still, my oh my!), I will leave you with some procratination material until then.
The cute birds below are from Nanibird, and they are free! Just download your favorites, print, fold and glue - fun, decorative and cheap!
I'm looking foreward to making my own soon (after the fashion show mentioned in my last post), and please tell me how it works out if you give it a go!

Fun fact: According to Boligliv (where I first spotted these birds) "nani" is Japanise for "what?".
Josh McKible is the creator of the Nanibirds, but many other artist have been invited to make their version, therefore there are a lot of different designs to choose from - the ones above are just my personal faves :-)

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