lørdag den 9. januar 2010

Pink puzzle

My pink week is over and it is time for me to evaluate...

It has actually been more challenging to dress in pink everyday, than I thought it would be. Bright pink is difficult to dress down with other colours and if you don't, you end up looking Barbie-like - not a good look for the office :-)
Also I'm used to choosing my daily outfit according to my mindset in the morning, and not being able to freely choose a 'colour of the day' has been a bit strange.

Well, here are my outfits this week:

Shirt: Forever21

Cardigan: H&M

Skirt: Day

Tights: asos.com

Shoes: Topshop (Christmas present):



Cardigan: Ganni

Dress: Monsoon

Tights: Sneaky Fox

Shoes: Topshop

Belt: asos.com



Cardigan: Day

Dress: thrifted

Shoes: Topshop


All week:

Coat: Max & Co.

Boots: Bronx

Beret: Accessorize - customized

Gloves: Oasis

Scarf: gift

So that was my result. Hope you liked it. Next week my challenge will be to wear TARTAN Monday-Friday.

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