mandag den 11. januar 2010

Georges Barbier

I've been looking for something to put on my bedroom wall, and heureka! I've found a new darling!
I googled my way to (seems like the obvious choice now), where I found what I was searching for:

Georges Barbier (1882-1932) a French illustrator with strong links to fashion and a master with a paint brush. (Check out his biography and body of work on Artophile)
It was hard to choose between all the beautiful illustrations, but I have listed my favorites below. I have been looking for something a bit dark, with some blue accents, to match a blue bed spread I bought on sale in December.

I just might go for this for its quirkyness and because it is about Midnight:

I remember seing the next one in a Vouge magazine I bought abroad some time ago (maybe it was Vouge Italia... can't remember). I like it a lot for details and also because I have dreamt of painting a similar tree on my bedroom wall for some years.

But it is really hard to choose... Maybe I should talk my BF into putting two pictures up... We have a spare wall in the entrance. If you can help me choosee - please do!

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