onsdag den 17. juni 2009

To polka or not to polka...?

Okay, now I have officially declared this The First Week of Polka!

These two dresses are some favorites of mine (yes I do have a few...). The red one I bought in a thrift shop here in Copenhagen and the orange one is from a street market on New York's Lower West Side (The lady I bought it from said it was from a Oscar de la Renta sub-line, but as there is no tag in it, your guess is as good as mine).

Both dresses have polka dots on them, and for some reason that just triggers my attention. I have styles the orange dress with a clip-on bowtie I once found in a charity shop, that makes it even more Minnie Mouse-like.

I tried to upload a picture of the tights I wore with the red dress, but now I can see that the picture is very blurry... it's surposed to be hearts on the back of the tights. I bought them on sale on asos some time ago.

Fun fact: The first time I wore the red dress my sister said I looked like a secretary version of this Danish 70s cartoon caracter:

I found the picture here, thank you :-)

She is called Cirkeline and lives in a matchbox on an artist's desk.
I'll take the comment as a compliment :-) Most Danish girls loved Cirkeline growing up.

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