onsdag den 17. juni 2009


So I have been playing with this blog for a little more than a week now, and meanwhile I have been pondering as to why exactly I'm doing this...
Well, I started out deeply inspired by other fashion blogs like liebemarlene and clever nettle. These girls are so very stylish and they keep to the vintage style to a degree I myself cannot (I guess my style is a little too kitsch and cartoonish for that kind of consistency).

I realise, that I do not really have an audience out there in cyberspace as of yet, but I do also feel that I'm first and foremost doing this blog for my own amusement. I have found a greater appreciation for my wardrobe, and I use the blog as a kind of log over my life right now.

I have just started working in a PR agency dealing with various fashion brands, and therefore I have been "forced" to look somewhat stylish every single day. As I am too cheap and broke for going out buying the style in the shops, I'm trying to dive into my wast wardrobe (or my collection as I call it - I rarely throw anything away) and finding new ways of combining what I already have.

I am aware that this kind of blog will not save the world and can come across very self absorbed. For the record, I'm not doing this to promote myself or dictate style, I do not have any kind of authority to do that what so ever. When I started out it was as a reaction to the fact that most Danish fashion blogs, although they are very very stylish, they are also way more fashion forward and focused on the newest of the new than I'll ever be.
My ambition was to portray a more whimsical and colorful way of dressing with a love for fashion, but maybe not strictly speaking in fashion - you'll be the judges on whether or not I succeded...

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