søndag den 14. juni 2009

Ship ahoy!!

Saw a group on Flickr called "Sailor Chic", and that made me think of my recent obsession with the nautical theme. I have for some reason not been able to pass by t-shirts or dresses with anchor or ships on them without looking twice... Welll this is what I have in my closet so far (couldn't help stricking a 40s pose when in these outfits lol).
Think I'll wear these for my holiday on a small Danish island in the near future, hopefully with a lot of flea markets nearby.

I found this light blue dress with the two ships on in a charity shop, and just had to have it! It makes me dream of strolling down the riviera somewhere sunny...
The navy t-shirt is from Zara (I cut the neck a little larger myself) and the skirt is from a Danish design brand called Day Birger et Mikkelsen - bought it on their biannual outlet, that I will not miss for anything! Most of my favorite dresses are bought there, and thus have been really really cheap.
The offwhite skirt has the cutest row of buttons on the back, too bad I cannot see it myself when I'm wearing the skirt.

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