onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Keeping up appearances

We had a press conference on my work last friday presenting two new facial care products. It was my first experience being "hostess" of an event like this, and therefore I really wanted to make a good first impression :-)

I chose to wear a light blue vintage dress, which I found in a favorite shop of mine - Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, New York - I have only been there once, when I was visiting my sister in NY, but I cannot wait to come back someday.

I really felt like I pulled it off looking fresh and clean as if I use a lot of beauty products every day, until a lady with an ultrasound scanner told me that my skin was twice my age!! Shock!! I know I have fair skin and that it does not have much resistance towards stress and sun, but come on! (I just hope I do not look forty on the outside as well) :-)
Don't you just love it when the carpet is pulled away from you?

Oh yes, back to the dress... I really like the embroidery and the colors of the flowers and also the crisp look it has, oh, and the matching belt.

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