tirsdag den 22. september 2009

I'm a sponge, a designsponge!

I've been crazy decorating our newly bought holiday home, well in my thoughts and my dreams that is, since we do not really own the house yet.

A constant source of inspiration and sleepless nights has been the blog Design*Sponge, where they have a unique sense of style, which goes well with my fondness of kitsch and flea markets. I especially like the sneak peeks into creative homes and the 'before and after' section.

Some time ago they made a post on Berkley Illustrations and their animal portraits (the link is for their etsy shop, and where I found the pictures below), and I'm a fan now! I actually tried to make a drawing of my cat in clothes a few weeks ago, but the Berkley people make me feel kinda inadequate:

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