fredag den 18. september 2009


I've tried to put together some outfits with my new clothes from Forever21. This first post is an attempt to mix colours that I would not normally wear together. I actually like the results.

The above is my favorite! I like how the many colours in the top connect both the skirt and the cardigan (The tights are actually lilac, but for some reason they look black in the picture).
I think I'll wear this on Sunday, when my boyfriend and I are going to a Tori Amos concert in the Opra House here in Copenhagen.
The cat wanted in on the next picture :-)

Don't know if this yellow and purple outfit is really going to work, but I had to try. I like the Snowwhite-ish look of the top, maybe it deserves a more dramatic setting...
I'll make more posts soon, showing off more of my purchase, but be patient :-)

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