tirsdag den 8. september 2009

Promise I'll be good

I know I haven't been good at uploading wardrobe snap shots lately due to my holiday and general procrastination, but I'm waiting impatiently for a package with goodies from overseas (from Forever21) and I know I will make at lot of posts with the stuff.
I ordered a lot of shirts, blouses and hair bands (with bows on of cause), as they were all dead cheap and looked really good online (I'm a little curious to see the quality of the items, though, but hey "nothing ventured nothing gained").

So now I've promised myself not to buy more clothes for the rest of the year! shocking I know! The only exception will be a trip to my favorite biannual designer outlet in my home town. My mom and I usually have a really nice time standing in line (for hours) for the bargains and trying things on together when we finally get in the tent and again when we get home with the loot :-) And mostly she pays for my pile as well, as the good mother she is (hope you read this, mommy!).

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