tirsdag den 8. september 2009

Holiday Hausfrau ...sort of...

My boyfriend and I have just signed the deal on a holiday home, and I'm so looking foreward to putting my personal touch on it.

My dear boyfriend has given me the carte blanche to decorate it to my hearts desire (to a certain degree though) - he usually puts his foot down when I want to go (colour-/ fabric-/ nicknack-)crazy in our home, but the holiday home is my domain, my! mmmwwhhahaha!

We get the keys mid-october, so I have plenty of time for researching and planning :-) The current owner will leave most furniture, and with a lick of paint they will be updated and preeeetty cool if you ask my imagination.

I've visited some blogs and sites dedicated to the subject of decor and interior and I have a pretty good idea of what to do with the place already.

I would be more than pleased if the result was something a long the lines of these two homes:

found here

found here

Or maybe we should drop the house and get a caravan instead - the pictures from Swedish decormaison below are sooo darling and make me wanna travel the countryside in style:

More to be found here

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